Links I'm Loving

I LOVE when my favorite bloggers weed through all the crap on the internet and put together a well-crafted list of articles and videos I'm interested in. So that is exactly what I thought I would do for you this week. Below is a list of resources that I love and think might help you on your journey to living life with more depth and fun!

1. empowers young professionals with skills that nobody ever taught us. Can I hear an amen for any article titled “How to end a conversation at a networking event"? 

2. This fashion blogger became famous because she decided to stop buying clothes and start being stylish. 

3. Wanna learn to take epic Insta pics

4. Looking for an amazing adventure but aren’t sure you can afford it? TravelNoire to the rescue! 

5. Does the idea of creating a business plan block you from actually starting your business? This INC article might clear up some preconceived notions.