The 3 Best Beauty Secrets My Momma Taught Me

 Last week, we talked about how crazy the world was and why I was raising $1,500 for my 28th birthday. Turns out the world is still cray so I thought I’d keep things a little light today.

I should start by telling you this, I am obsessed with all things beauty. As in, I might have watched every youtube beauty channel there is and I’ve definitely tried to recreate their looks when I’m at home alone. And I don’t really think I need to say it but I've NEVER looked as good as the youtubers (damn you  Shirley B Eniang). And thanks to my (ahem) open minded spirit, I used to assume it was the product’s fault and go on to buy new products. But something odd always happens after a few of these intensive makeup sessions, my face starts breaking out. 

Luckily for me, I've had a personal beauty guru who had taught me how to snap my skin back to its most succulent state every single time this happens. Although I've never found sound scientific evidence that proves why my mom's methods work, I can tell you that sticking to these three core principles has a) never failed me and b) made her skin look 20 years younger. I'd show you pictures but my mother would kill me for posting a picture of her on #ZeInternet *Ethiopian mom accent*. 

So here are the top 3 beauty principles I live by:

1. Moisturize like a muh****er

My aunts and my mom use unrefined coconut oil on their face and skin almost every night. On top of that, they wear moisturizing face masks (a blend of oatmeal, honey, and avocado) when they are relaxing at home. I am much less disciplined but I try to follow in their footsteps too. In fact, I’ve been using Shea Butter everyday on my body and all my scars/discoloration from “partying" accidents or childhood falls are magically disappearing. I have to say though, I don’t know how well this would work for someone with oily skin. 

2. Don't ever WIPE your face

This sounds crazy but it's real. Think about it, when are you most inclined to wipe your face? For me, it's usually after the shower or after a workout. And the motion (and force) of wiping closes open pores that are trying to release dirt from your skin. Instead, I pat my skin dry. My mom recommends using a clean towel, which i told her the laundry bill would make me go broke. Her response? "Yes, but your skin will look great!" -_- Thanks mom. 

3. Know what you are putting on your body

While my mom hates that I wear makeup almost everyday, she taught me to look up what was in the products I was using. Thanks to her, I wear makeup that is rated as being low toxicity for the most part...a girl has got to slay with some not-so-good-for-you products sometimes. I use Skindeep, a database that ranks personal care product on toxicity levels, to see how good or bad a product is before I buy it (at least I try to do that most of the time). Because most beauty products are pretty bad for your skin, I mostly only wear a mineral foundation everyday and my all time fav is Bare Minerals Original Foundation. Some people don't like Bare Minerals because it looks too cakey, but if you blend the loose powder with your moisturizer, you literally walk around with a glow. The Kiehls face lotion that I use is just out of habit at this point. My mom uses Olay and it is better for you, has a higher SPF and costs half the price. As I write that, I realize that I am an idiot and I need to start buying that. 

That is all I will bless you with today. Bless me with your (or your momma's) beauty secrets! #HelpABeautyAddict

PS: I am using affiliate links in this post. If you buy any of the products pictured above, I get paid a little bit for it. But I hope you know that I'd never recommend i product i don't trust so coins or no coins, I love me these products.