June Favorites: The Travel Version

I’ve had a really exciting few weeks! A couple of weeks ago, we talked about negotiating your way through a dope job offer and this week, I am sharing some of the best things I’ve discovered while travelling for a little over a month before I start work. I’ll be in Copenhagen, Malmo, Istanbul, Rome, Cinque Terre, Milan and Athens before I officially move back to New York. 

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

1. This app (STAY) lets you download an offline map for any major city you go to. The map  tracks your location without wifi and lets you create your own guidebook or download other people’s guides to the city (the best ones are usually put together by locals). This app has been a lifesaver on my trip. 

2. In her highly rated podcast, Myleik Teele- founder of curlbox, shares her career and life advice. Been listening to this on planes, trains, etc. 

3.  Best travel towel ever. Super compact, super quick dry. 

4. Once again, shouting out Travelnoire for their amazing instagram page, youtube videos and website. Follow them on instagram to catch the glitch fares that they publish. 

5. Snapchat recently upgraded itself from lame to amazing. Here are some cool tricks I've been using while documenting my trip.