I exclusively design all of my clients' websites on Squarespace because of its award winning templates, ease of use, and 24/7 troubleshooting support. Below are a few key reasons you might want to hire me as your Squarespace website designer.

Human CenteredDesign.png

Trained in human-centered design, I prioritize my clients' and their audience's needs when designing websites. Additionally, all of my websites are responsively designed so that they look great regardless of the device you're using. 



As a Squarespace Circle Member, I give all of my clients a 20% discount on their first annual web-hosting payment. If we work together, you will also receive a six-month trial period (instead of the standard two weeks) so you don't have to pay for the site until it is ready for launch. 


Before we launch your site, I will teach you how to manage it's contents on your own. If you have questions down the line, Squarespace has incredible customer support or you can hire me for ongoing support.