Web Design for Creatives

I struggled with a poorly designed website for a hot minute when I first started by podcast (which was a blog back then). So I get how frustrating it can feel when a website is the the only obstacle  bring your vision to life only to stop when you realize that creating a website takes time, effort, and money.

A website shouldn't be the barrier between you and your dreams. If you are a budding creative looking for someone to create a website that you can easily maintain, you are in the right place! I design Squarespace websites for my clients and then teach them how to manage it once I'm out of the picture. Whether you are a podcaster looking for a place to host your audio content, or a blogger ready to showcase your work, I can help you bring your art to life through beautiful optics and an SEO optimized site. 

If you want to see examples of some of the work I've done for my clients, take a look at the examples below!

Gelila Events:

"I didn’t know anything about building a website, until I sat down with Hiwote and she made everything sound easy and delivered everything she promised. The work was delivered on time and what I really loved about her, is her ability to bring my idea into reality".

Rising Leaders

"Working with Hiwote was such a great experience! She was really able to capture the vision of our organization and would ask us several questions, and make great edits after our conversations. Not only did she deliver great content, but went above and beyond by making unique suggestions that we incorporated. We still get compliments about our website to this day!"