About Depth & Candor


Depth & Candor is the platform for the ambitious millennial exploring how to live a vibrant life. I’m your host, Hiwote Getaneh, and I’m thrilled to take you with me as I learn how to define and live out my own version of a fun and productive life through expert interviews and paradigm shifting real talk. If you want to learn how to define and live a successful life, subscribe and listen to Depth & Candor now on iTunes & Stitcher.


You are in the right place if you've ever asked yourself:  

"How am I supposed to figure out what my passion is?"

"How can I start feeling at peace with myself while figuring out my next best move?"

"How do I create a life where I make a positive impact on the world while still making good money?"


About Hiwote Getaneh

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I spent most of my twenties trying to amass accomplishments and accolades because I thought it would lead to success. Here is a snippet of how I tried to achieve it.

At 22, I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry

At 23, I moved into my own adorable apartment in New York City

At 24, I made a great salary working at a job I hated

At 25, I was a public policy grad student at Johns Hopkins University

At 26, I started by own blog

At 27, I graduated from Hopkins with 3.9 GPA

Externally, I was hitting all of the metrics of success, but internally, I felt insecure, unhappy, and I never lived in the moment. It was through this painful time in my life that Depth & Candor was born.

I created Depth & Candor in 2015 to help people like me, who wanted to live a genuinely happy life; defining internal and external success for themselves, and attaining it with joy, grace, and ease. Depth & Candor is my deepest form of service to the world. 

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