Adulting is Hard AF

Creating a life you love while learning to be an actual grown up is even harder


In an ideal world... 

we would all know exactly what we were meant to do with our lives. 

we'd earn a ton of money doing it. 

we'd save that money. 

then travel the world. 

& eat incredible food.

& hang out with people that adore us. 

& we'd be ridiculously happy. 

Unfortunately, reality doesn't work like that.



What if we could crowd-source life lessons to create our best lives?

You are in the right place IF YOU'VE EVER ASKED YOURSELF:

"How the hell am I supposed to figure out my “passion"?"

"How do I get rid of this anxiety while figuring out my next best move?"

"Is it possible to have a 9-5 and design a life where I travel to amazing places on a regular basis?"

"How can I create a life where I make a positive impact on the world while still making good money?"

You are in the right place because Depth & Candor is where emerging and established leaders share how they are creating their best lives.

My name is Hiwote and I am so thrilled that you are here.

Heyyy, I'm Hiwote


I'm the friend that wants you to WIN.

I created Depth & Candor because I think we all deserve to design and live out our own versions of a vibrant life.


I'm anti-playing it safe & all about going for your dreams


Really early in my childhood, I learned that happily successful people think and act differently than the masses. As an adult, I am committed to adopting the secrets and habits of the most happy and successful people I know.  

I started interviewing people on Depth & Candor TV because my early twenties were ROUGH. I was overwhelmed by my desire to be successful without actually knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Today, I am grateful to live with a lot more peace every single day; partly by learning from people I admire and partly by accepting that I don't have to have everything figured out in order to be happy. These days, I spend most of my time interviewing incredible people on my podcast.


With Depth & Candor,