About Depth & Candor


The Depth & Candor podcast explores how change-makers of color define and live out their purpose through their careers, side hustles, and entrepreneurial contributions. I’m your host, Hiwote Getaneh, and I’m thrilled to take you with me as I talk to these innovators about what it really takes to do good work and live a life you love. Join me each week as I talk to guests like Jovian Zayne, founder of the “On Purpose” Movement;  Myleik Teele, founder and CEO of CurlBOX; and Sherryl Dorsey, technology journalist, social entrepreneur, and the founder of ThePLUG daily. If you want to learn how to define and live a successful life, subscribe and listen to Depth & Candor now on iTunes, Stitcher, & Spotify.



About Hiwote Getaneh

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Hiwote Getaneh is the Founder of Depth & Candor, a podcasting company that equips women of color to define and live out their most joyful lives.

Depth & Candor provides resources for people looking to start a side hustle or creative project outside of their 9-5. The podcast highlights the stories of creative change-makers of color and explores how they define & pursue purpose-driven work.

Hiwote was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Mozambique, Ohio, & Virginia before starting her life in New York. Hiwote is an alumna of the Virginia Tech (B.S.) and Johns Hopkins University (M.P.P.). Her career started as technical research analyst at at a social policy research firm. Today, Hiwote works at Mic as a Branded Content Program Manager.

Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @depthandcandor or connect with her via email at hiwote@depthandcandor.com.

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