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Depth & Candor is for the ambitious millennial who wants to learn how to live a vibrant life. I’m your host, Hiwote Getaneh, and I’m thrilled to take you with me as I explore how to live a fun and productive life through expert interviews and paradigm shifting real talk. If you want to learn how to travel more, attain financial success, feel fulfilled in your career, and build transformational relationships, subscribe and listen to Depth & Candor now on iTunes & Stitcher.


You are in the right place IF YOU'VE EVER ASKED YOURSELF:

"How am I supposed to figure out what my passion is?"

"How can I start feeling at peace with myself while figuring out my next best move?"

"How do I create a life where I make a positive impact on the world while still making good money?"

About Hiwote Getaneh

The concept of success has always eluded me. At one point, I thought it was a place in life where I would finally feel like I had arrived. Most of the time though, I thought success was the result of a life spent working really hard. I also assumed that this place was also where happiness and inner peace lived. I was wrong.

I spent most of my twenties trying to achieve all the wealth, accomplishments, and accolades I could amasse because I thought it would lead to success. Here is a snippet of how I tried to achieve it.

By 22, I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry

By 23, I lived in my own adorable apartment in New York City

By 24, I made a great salary working at a job I hated

By 25, I was a public policy graduate student at Johns Hopkins University

By 26, I had started by own blog

By 27, I was graduating from Hopkins with 3.9 GPA

Externally, I was hitting all of the metrics of success, but internally, I felt insecure, unhappy, and I never lived in the moment. It was through this painful time in my life that Depth & Candor was born.

I created Depth & Candor in 2015 to help people like me, who wanted to live a genuinely happy life; defining internal and external success for themselves, and attaining it with joy, grace and ease. Today, Depth & Candor is my deepest form of service to the world. 

I live in constant gratitude that my journey led me to the first place where I know I belong.


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